WebRenderer Swing Edition 6.0 – 64bit beta ships


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After a long development process we have shipped the first beta of our WebRenderer Swing Edition 6. The reason this beta is important is because we are now officially supporting 64bit systems (Windows, OSX, Linux). It has long been our goal to support 64bit systems with WebRenderer. The first 64bit development by our development team started back in 2006. Unfortunately the underlying browser platform did not support 64bit systems which was ultimately a stopping point for us. Now that 64bit has been adopted by the underlying platforms we can now “fully” support 64bit systems. The speed of development in which browsers are moving today poses some challenges with backwards compatibility. That said, we are working hard to have the same operating system compatibility as our WebRenderer Swing Edition 5.0. That includes both SPARC Solaris™ 8 and AIX 5.2 even though there is no known build (at least known to us) of Firefox™ 4+ supporting these platforms. The 6.0 beta is also a milestone for additional technology support in WebRenderer such as the addition of SVG as a supported technology. Anyway, enough of my rambling and on to the official press release:

WebRenderer Swing Edition 6.0 – 64bit beta ships

JadeLiquid™ is pleased to announce the long awaited beta release of the WebRenderer™ Swing Edition 6.0 supporting 64bit systems. The beta of WebRenderer 6.0 includes support for both 32 and 64bit systems on Windows, OSX and Linux (other platforms to follow). The WebRenderer Swing Edition renders in 100% lightweight Swing and is the only commercial strength Java™ browser SDK with this capability. New features found in the WebRenderer 6.0 beta include an updated Firefox engine, SVG support (completed for GA) and improved overall performance in the areas of rendering and Javascript. The standard WebRenderer API is implemented and support for the W3C DOM and plugins such as Flash and PDFs are standard.

The release of the WebRenderer Swing Edition 6.0 beta demonstrates JadeLiquid’s ongoing commitment to provide the best commercial solution for displaying web content within Java applications. Since the first release WebRenderer in early 2003, WebRenderer has continued to break new ground in the Java browser SDK market. With millions of deployments world wide, WebRenderer provides commercially robust web content display in Java applications. WebRenderer has the widest platform support of any commercial Java browser SDK including Windows, OSX, Linux, Solaris and AIX.

Features summarized:

– Lightweight Swing component
– HTML 5, Javascript, SVG, CSS, Ajax and plugin support
– 64bit and 32bit support on Windows, OSX and Linux
– API supporting complete Event model (network, mouse, key, browser, prompts)
– W3C DOM support
– Plugin support including Flash and PDF plugins
– Embeddable in just 3 lines of code
– Completely standalone and self-contained
– Support right back to Java 1.4.2
– Seamless deployment through standard JAR files

To download and try the WebRenderer 6.0 beta please visit www.webrenderer.com/beta/

About JadeLiquid Software

JadeLiquid Software established in 2002, is a leading provider of Software Development Tools and SDK’s for use with enterprise applications and web services. WebRenderer is the market leading standards compliant Java web browser SDK. JadeLiquid has an installed base spanning the globe with deployments numbering in the millions in North America, Europe and Asia.
For more information on WebRenderer visit www.webrenderer.com



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