WebRenderer Swing Edition: Introduction






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WebRenderer Introduction: Provides an introduction to the WebRenderer Swing Edition SDK (Software Development Kit).

Introduction to the WebRenderer API: The package and API structure of the WebRenderer Swing Edition and the core to building a browser.

Using WebRenderer: Code examples and Reference Implementations: Provides basic code examples and describes the use of WebRenderer Swing Edition with layout managers.

WebRenderer Architecture: Covers the use of threads and the overall architecture focus of WebRenderer Swing Edition. This section also includes details on some of the specialized features of the WebRenderer API.

Deploying WebRenderer: Deployment examples of WebRenderer Swing Edition including Applets, Applications and Java WebStart.

Network Connectivity and Custom protocols: The key paradigms behind capturing network connectivity events with header information and the use of custom protocols to control document load flow.

Hints and tips: Covers using plugins, popup windows and resources containing additional WebRenderer Swing Edition code examples.






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