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WebRenderer Swing Edition supports third-party plugins through the standard standard browser plugin architecture.

An example of a third-party plugin that runs with WebRenderer is Adobe Flash Player. On most platforms Flash should work with the Swing Edition if it is set up to run in Firefox, as WebRenderer Swing Edition uses the plugin finder from the Mozilla engine to detect the Flash plugin. To run Flash in 64-bit WebRenderer, at least Flash Player 11 must be used.

However the following steps can be taken if the Flash or other plugins are not functioning:

  1. Un-JAR the corecomponents-swing-xxx32.jar
  2. Add Flash or other plugin files to the corecomponents/plugins/ directory
  3. Re-JAR the corecomponents/ directory, creating a new version of corecomponents-swing-xxx32.jar

The plugin should now be deployed when WebRenderer unpacks itself.

Please note; if you have already run WebRenderer then the corecomponents-swing-xxx32.jar will not extract and run with your plugin, and you therefore have to force WebRenderer to extract these. This can be done by altering the versionxxx ("xxx" denotes the version number) and calling the BrowserFactory setCorecomponentsExtractOn method. For example:

  1. Alter the versionxxx filename to mycustomdeploy
  2. Call BrowserFactory.setCorecomponentsExtractOn("mycustomdeploy");

The corecomponents-swing-xxx32.jar will now deploy with your plugin. The corecomponents-swing-xxx32.jar will only extract if it does not find the versionxxx file (in the example "mycustomdeploy"), thus preventing performance penalties (a slight delay on start-up) encountered with the extraction process.

An alternative to the above instructions is to place the plugin into the WebRenderer profile directory located at:

<user home>/.webrendererswing6/<platform>/corecomponents/plugins

Although third party plugins can be used with WebRenderer we cannot make any assurances regarding the quality of third party plugins or their interoperability with WebRenderer.









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