Configuring Proxy Settings







The default behavior for WebRenderer Swing 6.0 is to use the same proxy settings as used by the operating system. Proxy details can be set system wide on OS X and Linux. They can also be set on Windows system from Vista onwards.

Proxy details can also be set manually for WebRenderer if there is no proxy used by the system, or another proxy server is required.

IBrowserCanvas browser;
int yourProxyPort = 8888;
String yourProxyServer = "your.proxy.server.address";
ProxySetting yourProxySetting = new ProxySetting( ProxySetting.PROTOCOL_ALL, yourProxyServer, yourProxyPort);

It is not required to explicitly call browser.enableProxy(true) if the system proxy settings are being used by default.

Proxy Authentication

If the proxy server requires authentication, a prompt dialog will be displayed to allow a username and password to be entered. This can be manually set with a given user, so that the dialog is not shown. Note that the browser type will need to be declared as or cast to an IMozillaBrowserCanvas.

IMozillaBrowserCanvas browser;
browser.setProxyAuthentication("user1", "password1");



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