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General WebRenderer Functions

  WebRenderer example code base.


Advanced WebRenderer functions


Application test examples


Deploying WebRenderer

WebRenderer DOM




Deploying WebRenderer via Java WebStart




Deploying through Java WebStart

Java WebStart is a process of deploying Java applications over the internet. WebStart applications are acompanied by some specific files including a JNLP file. A core part of the JNLP file is the codebase tag. This tag must point to the server on which your application resides. Such as: codebase="http://www.webrenderer.com/webstart/"

Core Requirements
When deploying WebRenderer through WebStart we have had success by doing the following:

1 - webrenderer.dll(and the corecomponents.zip - if spawnMozilla) should be placed in a separate jar file
wrcore.jar. (Can be named with any name you wish - wrcore.jar is just an example)

2 - All jars must be signed with the same key file.
Key file generation:
keytool -genkey -keystore WRKeystore -alias wrstore
File wrstore generated, then
Jars signing:
jarsigner -keystore WRKeystore {Your Application}.jar wrstore
jarsigner -keystore WRKeystore webrenderer.jar wrstore
jarsigner -keystore WRKeystore wrcore.jar wrstore

3. Write jnlp file. (Download working example JNLP file)
Heres an example of codebase in a jnlp file:
codebase="{set here base URL where all jars stored for example http://www.webrenderer.com/webstart/}"
href="{Your application name}.jnlp">

Remember to include in your JNLP file the name of native libraries jar file (wrcore.jar)
<resources os="Windows">
  <nativelib href="wrcore.jar"/>

Cross platform deployment via WebStart

Cross platform webstart deployment requires the additional corecomponents and native library for each platformeg:

Windows wrWindowsCore.jar package must include webrenderer.dll and corecomponents-win.zip
Linux wrLinuxCore.jar package must included libwebrenderer.so and corecomponents-linux.zip
Mac OSX wrOSXCore.jar package must include libwebrenderer.jnilib and corecomponents-osx.zip
Solaris wrSolarisCore.jar package must include libwebrenderersolaris.so and corecomponents-solaris.zip

If you are using the InternetExplorer or Safari spawn you will not need to include the corecomponents.zip
The wrSafariCore.jar for Safari deploymentmust be composed of libwebrenderersafari.jnilib
The wrIECore.jar for Internet Explorer deployment must be composed of webrenderer.dll

Picking the platform in JNLP

<resources os="Windows">
  <nativelib href="wrWindowsCore.jar"/>
<resources os="Linux">
  <nativelib href="wrLinuxCore.jar"/>

<resources os="Mac OS X">
  <nativelib href="wrOSXCore.jar"/>
<resources os="Sun">
  <nativelib href="wrSolarisCore.jar"/>

Using this method to deploy will ensure the correct files are downloaded to the client WebStart based on the platform you are running, this amounts to an efficient cross-platform distribution.

Closing WebRenderer when your application terminates

You must call System.exit(0); when you close your Java WebStart application, to destroy the WebRenderer instance. If you do not call System.exit(0) your application will still be running without a Window and if you try to run your application again, you will receive a java.io.FileNotFoundException, which will point to WebRenderer.

Can I change "wcore.jar" name?

wcore.jar can be named anything you want. By WebStart specs native code should be placed in a separate jar and mentioned like the following:
  <resources os="Windows">
    <nativelib href="nameOfNativeJAR.jar"/>



Millions of deployments and counting.. Users of JadeLiquid's tools can be found in every corner of the Earth




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